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  • That’s creating a chicken and egg problem. Many people who make good content do it because they can live off of it. In order to do so, they need to get paid. If you don’t pay people, most people won’t have an incentive nor opportunity to make their stuff better.

    Requiring good content to introduce an option for monetisation, would be limiting it to the lucky people who already have the time and money to invest in making good stuff aka the smallest minority. Growth is made much harder without it - if not impossible on peertube, leaving only youtube as an option. I don’t think that’s a good solution.

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  • The problem isn’t making monetization available, it’s having sufficient pull in the market to make it viable.

    That’s creating an chicken and egg problem.

    We won’t create monetization options until there’s pull
    We won’t join until there’s monetization

    Someone has to break the tie and it’s much easier for us than content creators.

    When we’re talking about video storage those petabytes start getting really expensive.

    You’re worrying about a scenario a decade out. Also it’s not like peertube is a single entity. It’s a federated group of servers that will each host a part of the total. Not every peer will host the total, so there are no such restrictions on storage.

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  • For all of its faults, I haven’t seen a better system that gives absolute authority to the resource holder.

    The majority doesn’t want “absolute authority”. They want to have a system that “just works” and allows them to pay for bread and butter without jumping through hoops. That’s the problem with crypto: it’s not easy - far from it.

    Crypto can work for them. Crypto can work for every human. Western banking, as convenient as it is, if you’re willing to accept all the trade-offs, simply isn’t available to half the population of the Earth.

    Crypto isn’t available in a lot of countries right now. There are multiple factors: bad and unstable infrastructure (internet, electricity), bad hardware, lacking regulation, and most importantly lack of legal options. Crypto exchanges are straight up banned in many countries. I’d love to send my money directly to charities or other orgs and people outside of the Western banking system, but they can’t even create a wallet, much less convert it to fiat, which brings us back to the same problem I’ve brought up.

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  • None of the major Fediverse projects have real monetization.
    Why single out PeerTube?

    To me, Peertube is the most obvious. Lots of work goes into creating videos. I don’t use funkwhale, so I didn’t consider it. Monetisation for comments and tweets just seems questionable to me. Reddit introduced reddit gold, and I guess that could be one way of doing it 🤔 It would allow instance operators to keep the instance alive and users happy at the same time. IMO reddit gold was a genius move which could be implemented in lemmy or elsewhere. Same as Discords paid emojis and stuff.

    Why would you expect monetization at this point?

    At which point should I be considering monetisation? It’s always disappointing to me to have to go back to Youtube and pick the right, alternative client that currently works. And I do like some of the content I subscribe to, but I can’t be arsed to create 10 different accounts in order to donate indiscriminately, regardless of how many videos I watched of a content creator.

    Do you think it should be monetized, or are you just surprised it hasn’t been?

    I think it should be monetised.

    What form of monetization are you imagining?

    Tips for one off micro-donations, manual entry of tip amounts (this was so good I think it deserves a euro), “donated subscriptions”, and automatic donations based on how much is in my wallet at the time. I think there was a micro-transaction plugin for browsers that did that? The more you stayed on a website the greater the percentage of money was donated to it from your wallet.

    But I haven’t seen it implemented and dunno if it’s the lack of interest, lack of skill, lack of possibility (maybe no payment provider makes that possible?), a combination, or all of the aforementioned.

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