I waddled onto the beach and stole found a computer to use.

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  • Do you have a link to the survival PDFs? I’m curious

    I have a few apps like that installed, such as first aid for example. Might as well get some useful guides on my USB in case my phone is dead.

    Also my recommendation

    • portable programs. Pick some that might be useful and add those. I have never had to use one, but I keep them anyways

    • Some media to pass the time. This has come in handy once or twice

    • extra space for large file transfers

  • At some point I think I’m going to write a post about nice behaviour here. I have to think about it some more… And this is a diverse place anyways, other people might like different things.

    I’d read something like that :)

    Sometimes we also don’t think about how we could be doing something better. Another thing that comes to mind, which I sometimes forget, is upvoting the post that you are commenting on. Usually if I’m commenting, I want more people to see and join the discussion, but I forget to upvote before leaving the tab

  • The article is nice, but I’m not sure if I’d send it to friends that aren’t familiar with the fediverse. It seems to gloss over some problems and focus less relevant ones

    It doesn’t touch on the issues with Blueskys protocol and makes it sound like an equivalent choice (or worse, a better choice). In the downsides section it touches on racism in badly moderated instances, and the difficulty of setting up an instance. Those issues aren’t relevant to the vast majority of users who will join a large instance that has defederated from the bad stuff.

    It’s a nice article for those who are already somewhat familiar, but a bad first impression